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Other French Ski Areas
No country in has such a diversity of skiing as France, among the lesser known skiing areas are: The Vosges, The Jura, and the Massif Central.

Vosges The Vosges Mountains, running north-south between Lorraine and Alsace, in the east of France, have four main ski resorts with over fifteen pistes each. The Vosges benefit from the most continental climate in France, and in cold winters the Vosges ski resorts offer very good snow. The Vosges is reputed for its cross-country skiing, but still offers downhill skiers many opportunities on slopes that wind through wooded hills.

The biggest Vosges resort is La Bresse, with 30 runs, snow cannons and illuminated pistes for evening skiing. This resort is popular with day-trippers from Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg and Luxembourg, but there are also hotels and chalets where one can stay, and 5 mountain restaurants.
Among other ski resorts in the Vosges are: Saint-Maurice-sur-Moselle, with 23 km of downhill slopes, 50 km of cross-country trails and five mountain restaurants; Gérardmer with 40 km of downhill slopes and 40 km of cross-country skiing trails; and Ventron with 20 km of downhill slopes and 16 km of cross-country.
Jura The Jura, a bit higher than the Vosges, is a mountain range running along the northern border of Switzerland. They peak between 1400 m and 1600 m. The Jura is also particularly appreciated for its cross-country skiing.
Located in the southern party of the Jura Mountains, Monts Jura is the main ski resort, situated at the doorstep of the Haut-Jura Natural Park. The villages of Mijouc and Lélex, at the foot of the highest summits of the Jura Mountain, form the ski resorts of Monts Jura. There is direct access to 38 individual pistes, served by 31 ski lifts. Monts Jura offers good skiing, especially for intermediate and beginner skiers.
Massif Central The Massif Central is the largest volcanic area in Europe, and has a great diversity, from ancient volcanoes to great plains, peaks to valleys, and an infinite number of landscapes. It is located in central southern France and has a number of small ski areas, and two big ones, Besse-Sancy with 45 km of slopes and Le Lioran with 40 km of slopes. Both these resorts are fully equipped, and have an Alpine feel to them. They have cable cars and plenty of ski lifts. La Loge des Gardens is the closest ski area to Paris at just 380 km.
The ski resorts in the Massif Central are more family oriented than those in the Alps. The peak season for skiing holidays is the end of December to mid-February.

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