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Ile de France

The region of Ile-de-France is mostly composed of the Paris metropolitan area. The landscape surrounding Paris is dotted with hunting lodges and chateaux, the most famous being the Chateau de Versailles.


With around 12 mill. inhabitants, Ile-de-France is the most populated region of France. For most people holidays in Isle-de-France are centered around Paris, one of the most famous cities in the world. The areas surrounding Paris paint a more relaxed picture for those looking to escape the city holidays in Paris. The landscape is dotted with hunting lodges and chateaux, the two most famous being Château de Versailles and Château de Fontainebleau.

Another, less historic attraction drawing people to holiday in Ile-de-France, is 
Disneyland Paris. The fun packed theme park offers holidays to suit all ages. Accommodation in Ile-de-France is widely available with hotels to suite everyone's pocket. Some choose a more idyllic setting for their accommodation in Ile-de-France, by staying in one of the campsites scattered around the countryside.

Versailles is located on the outskirts of Paris, and the Château de Versailles is a top tourist destination in France. Château de Versailles features beautiful fountains, formal gardens, and a palace unlike others.

The Château de Fontainebleau is located 64 km (40 mi) southeast of Paris in the forest of Fontainebleau. It is one of the largest and most magnificent of the royal residences of France. The original building, of which very little remains, was a medieval hunting lodge; the present structure, comprising five separate groups of buildings, was begun in 1528 during the reign of Francis I. The spacious gardens were planned by André de Nôtre, a celebrated 17th century landscape gardener, during the reign of Louis XIV.

The fertile Ile-de-France is drained by the Seine river and its main tributaries, the Marne and the Oise rivers. Agriculture is concentrated on wheat, barley, sugar beats, and dairy cattle. There are lots of well known cheeses from Ile-de-France. Two of the most widely recognised cheeses are Brie and Brie de Meax. The Brie de Meax can only be found in certain areas of the region. Some refer to it as the "king of cheeses" and it is widely eaten on Canapés.



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